Inner Work is a journey of self-empowerment where we transform ourselves from the inside-out.

By healing our emotional wounds, we learn to love ourselves (and others) more fully, deeply and unconditionally. 

Over time, we can pick up faulty beliefs from people and environments around us – beliefs that form stories like... 


"I'm not doing enough" 
"My opinion isn't important"
"I don't deserve that"
"I need to prove myself"


This negative self-talk might push us to chase the feeling of 'enough-ness' by doing more, earning more, achieving more and accumulating more. 


But what if you didn't need any of those things to feel happy or fulfilled?

Inner Work is the path of:


👁️  Self-Awareness

💪  Self-Empowerment

🌱  Self-Healing

🔮  Self-Mastery 

🌟  Self-Realisation 

💗  Self-Love 

Inner Work is a spiritual practice that provides theory and exercises that will help you:

  • Identify triggers, insecurities and harmful self-talk
  • Recognise our ego stories and defence mechanisms
  • Deepen our understanding of past trauma
  • Acknowledge and feel repressed emotions
  • Take accountability for our own healing
  • Accept and forgive so we can be free
  • Release outdated beliefs and fear-based stories
  • Liberate ourselves from self-sabotaging patterns
  • Heal our emotional wounds
  • Cultivate more empathy, compassion and self-love
  • Show up in the world bravely and authentically

At Academy Of Transcendence, we take a spiritual approach to mental and emotional well-being, blending the fields of psychology, emotional intelligence, energy work, somatic healing and philosophy.


Over the years, we’ve developed our own signature framework for self-healing. We call this The 8 Pillars Of Inner Work, a powerful collection of expansive concepts and practical tools.

The 8 Pillars of Inner Work

Ego Work

Emotional Intelligence

Healthy Boundaries

Shadow Work


Emotional Embodiment

Masculine & Feminine

Inner Child Work


1–1 Focus Sessions:

90-minutes • Online via Zoom

Ego Work Introduction

3 Session Bundle: 3 x 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $777 (save $222) 

As our inbuilt defence mechanism, the Ego creates beliefs, stories and behaviours to help us cope with distressing and disturbing experiences (trauma). If left unresolved, these perceived threats become our triggers, resulting in impulsive emotionally charged reactions, self-sabotaging patterns and victim mentality.

Ego Work shows us that our triggers are our teachers, helping to reveal our Inner Critic stories and highlighting the wounds that are ready to be seen, understood and healed.

Session 1 – Ego as Identity
Session 2 – Ego as Defence Mechanism
Session 3 – Ego as Inner Critic



Emotional Intelligence

Single Session: 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $333

Many of us were taught that being emotional was a sign of weakness. This conditions us to reject, avoid or invalidate our own emotions, which creates blockages and dis-ease.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to consciously respond rather than impulsively react. Deepening our awareness of the sensations that naturally arise in the body, understanding the different trauma response states and having practices to regulate our nervous system when triggered helps us cultivate emotional resilience.



Healthy Boundaries Masterclass

Single Session: 90 minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $333

Many of us learned to prioritise others before ourselves. This disconnects us from acknowledging our personal limits and needs. Self-care is not selfish. This can be a foreign concept for those who grew up in a codependent or enmeshed family where people-pleasing and self-sacrifice were normalised or rewarded.

Healthy boundaries are an act of self-love and learning how to communicate them firmly yet compassionately is a sign of self-mastery. 



How To Do Shadow Work

Single Session: 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Bundle Price: $333

From a young age, our family, culture and society tell us what is acceptable and what isn’t, causing us to adopt a dualistic mindset that labels things as good or bad and right or wrong. This socialisation leads to the formation of our Shadow, an aspect of our psyche that holds the parts of ourselves that we judge as unacceptable, shameful or "not allowed".

Shadow Work helps us to illuminate all the qualities that we have repressed, invalidated or disowned and reintegrate them with love.



Emotional Embodiment

Single Session: 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $333

Many of us weren't taught how to process or release our emotions in healthy ways. In fact, many of us were conditioned to avoid, judge or invalidate certain ones resulting in emotional bypassing, suppression and toxic positivity.

Emotional Embodiment is about accepting the full spectrum of emotions, giving ourselves permission to feel them fully, and learning how to surrender to the innate intelligence of our bodies to process these energies and release them out of our auric field.



Masculine & Feminine

Single Session: 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Bundle Price: $333

Universal consciousness dances between two polarities; masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti. Regardless of gender, identification or sexual orientation, both of these energies exist within all of us.

Learning about masculine and feminine energy helps us to identify the wounds we inherited from our family, culture and society. With this understanding, we can transform them into their healthy and divine expressions and cultivate inner balance and harmony. 



Inner Child Immersion

3 Session Bundle: 3 x 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $333

If we didn't know how to process distressing or disturbing experiences in childhood, these wounds can live on in the subconscious mind affecting our relationship dynamics as adults.

Inner Child Work allows us to reconnect with younger versions of ourselves to provide the safety, care, acknowledgement, validation and unconditional love they did not receive. This allows us to reframe our interpretation of past trauma and neutralise the emotional charge so they no longer trigger impulsive reactions.



Reparenting Yourself

Single Session: 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Bundle Price: $333

Reparenting involves replacing our harsh Inner Critic stories, limiting beliefs and defence mechanisms with compassionate self-talk, self-awareness and more conscious choices.

Instead of repeating self-sabotaging habits, we can learn how to self-regulate whenever we get triggered, adopt more empowering beliefs, proactively ensure our needs are met, and commit to self-care practices that support our self-healing, inner peace and authentic expression.



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