This overview is for those new to the concept of Ascension.

We start with the cosmic perspective, zoom in and look at the key milestones in Earth’s evolution and cover which internal and external factors are changing that will propel the planet and all its inhabitants into a New Earth.

Finally, we’ll bring the focus back onto what the individual Ascension journey looks like, and what that means for your personal human experience.

Are you ready?

We Are All One

At a primordial level, we all come from the same Source.

From this single universal totality, Source thought it would be fun to see and know itself from different perspectives. To do this, it divided into distinct expressions – splitting like roots of a tree to explore unique paths, perspectives and potentials.

As a natural byproduct of this exploration, new universes, realms and vessels for incarnation were spawned. The more fragmentation of Source consciousness, the further away from its original state of singularity.

This is known as the Descension process, where Source consciousness descends in vibration to explore more individuated experiences of itself, such as Oversoul, Soul and Human.

To the judgemental human mind, this movement away from unity could be interpreted as a devastating fall from grace – a story widely proliferated by well-known institutions.

But to the non-dual mind, this exploration of separation from Source is a doorway that opens up a broader spectrum of possibility for creative expression and self-realisation.

While some fragments of Source are still very conscious of their innate Oneness, there are also some instances where states of separation allow for the illusion of "forgetting".

This spiritual amnesia gifts a Soul even more unique perspectives and timelines to explore, including powerful opportunities to remember its wholeness, interconnectedness and divine nature.

From this perspective, Descension can be seen a brave adventure into density and separation that offers Source greater richness and depth to meet and experience itself.

The Illusion Of Separation

Source is pure, unconditional love.

From this state of omniscience, omnipresence and divine Oneness, it opens a pathway for Descension where consciousness can downshift through density, fragmenting into different states and expressions through which it can experience and perceive itself.

The deeper the voyage into Descension, the more fragmentation and the more opportunities we have to experience the illusion of separation.

Separation consciousness has a charming way of convincing us that we are not one. Enchanted by the illusion of separation, beliefs of: “You are you. I am me. We are different” flourish. Mental walls are formed between your consciousness and mine. Incarnating into individual human bodies reinforces this belief to our physical senses.

When we forget We Are All One, we feel disconnection and begin perceiving the absence of unconditional love – a phenomenon we experience as fear.

Fear is unique spiritual technology. It amplifies the illusion of separation, expressing dualistically as positive vs negative, good vs bad and even holy vs evil.

In addition to fear, separation consciousness also provides the conditions required to breed experiences of lack, limitation and scarcity. And it is these illusions of separation consciousness that lead to acts of greed, bigotry, abuse and war.

So deep in our amnesia, we can become motivated by fear, hatred, greed or self-righteousness. This separateness can reach extremes where we inflict pain onto others through our words, actions, judgments or intentions.

The pain we inflict onto others can be perceived as Source hurting itself at the grander level.

This is not a bad thing, it simply reflects the creative power of Source and the degree of amnesia a being can experience while on their explorations of separation.


Humanity is all too familiar with these harsh expressions of separation consciousness. 

So we might ask, what value is there for Source to inflict such violent and malicious experiences onto itself?

Lessons In Separation

Navigating the trials and tribulations of Earth School.

Forgetting our true nature as Source makes for a challenging human experience here on Earth.

But for the evolving Soul, and its respective Oversoul, the dimension of separation and duality is a top-tier spiritual bootcamp for exponential learning and growth.

Descending into lower vibrational planes and navigating the intricacies of density are no easy feat.

While individuated experiences provide unique paths for experience, they also make it possible to experience challenges like heartbreak, betrayal, grief and abandonment just to name a few.

In these moments, we can either sink under the weight of suffering and hopelessness, or find the light within ourselves to kick-start our self-healing.

Decension is not about suffering. It is about offering our consciousness unique situations that iniate us back into the remembrance of who we are.

When we feel like the external world is overwhemling, how can we cultivate peace within ourselves.

When we find ourselves in relationships that lack honesty or trust, will we show ourselves the Self-Love to walk away.

When we are being pressured into conforming to another's belief or opinion, how will we stand our ground and speak our truth.

In these moments of challenge, in these moments of contrast, the spotlight is on our choices.

After so many incarnations, after so many stories and lifetimes lived and embodied, we have had countless opportunities to become aware of dysfunctional relationships, reclaim our personal power, and give ourseleves the unconditional love that we deserve.

The journey of Ascension is made richer with all these insights and understandings.

As we rise in frequency, we offer the treasures we've collected through all the different stories and pathways we've walked.

And as we merge back into unity, we share our embodied wisdom with the collective and with Source.

And here is the prize, here is the fruit of all those challenges and invitations.

For source to see and know itself from many different perspectives, how it returned back to love and unity even in the face of despair and adversity.

Ascending Back To Source

Our triumphant return to Oneness.

Surreal artwork featuring a spiraling pathway ascending from bottom to top against a purple background. The spiral is composed of various scenes, including natural landscapes, human figures, animals, and abstract elements. Each section of the spiral contains different thematic visuals, creating a continuous journey upward. The colors are vibrant and blend seamlessly, adding to the ethereal quality of the image

This downward movement into experiences of separation is followed by an upward movement or Ascension back into unity and Oneness.

The spiritual treasure hidden within harsh experiences of contrast is the germination of new awareness, and an invitation to return back to Oneness through love.

This is the cosmic ferris wheel that we, as Source have so enthusiastically chosen to ride.

Sure, at the bottom of the cycle our vision is limited and often riddled with challenges. But as we rise in consciousness both individually and collectively, we rise back to the top and the magnificence of the ride floods back to us.

So much so that we might even choose to take another ride through the illusions of Decension just to feel the ecstasy and elation of remembering that in truth, we are Love, that We are all One.

What personal insights and pearls of wisdom have you gained by living through the challenging times of your life that you are now ready to offer back to the collective?

The Solar Logos

The role of the Sun in our Ascension.

The Solar Logos represents the heart of the cosmic pattern and the source of existence. Its emblem is the sun, which is the source of life and light.

Most people have already come across the notion that our sun is the giver of life. Across many ancient wisdom traditions, gratitude and respect has been given to this celestial body for the energy it radiates that warms, illuminates and nourishes our planet, enlivening all living things.

The Universe is a giant mind connected by a neural network, just like our brains. This network is held together by a system of Central Suns, which are massive hubs of consciousness that govern a specific range of frequency where sub-levels of creation can take place. Each Sun emits light and love to lower levels of awareness and experience. In this sense, Suns act as the batteries of the Universe.

The wattage of each Sun has a different resonant power and frequency that corresponds perfectly to the level of learning that its particular solar system needs for growth and the evolution of consciousness.

As we more into more alignment with the Ascension zenith, our Sun, the Central Sun (Alcyone), and the Greater Central Sun (Sirius) synchronistically align at the Galactic Center.

The Grand Central Sun is the connection to source energy for all conscious existence within our universe. It’s like a giant battery that filters energy from Source and parses it out to other Central Suns so conscious awareness can grow in lower levels of experience all the way down to dense matter. Through this network of Central Suns, we are all connected to Source.

In our solar system, our Sun is part of a larger network of Central Suns known as the “Seven Sisters”. Our immediate Central Sun is Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

When our Sun gets closer to the radiance of Alcyone, consciousness in our solar system is catalysed into higher consciousness and a stronger connection with Source.

As it moves further away, a period of darkness (lower presence of light) results which creates the opportunity for experience of separation from Source. This process is part of a 26,000 year cycle described by the ancient Yogic tradition as a Maha Yuga (The Great Year), where our Sun and solar system completes a full cycle in its orbit around the Central Sun.

Zooming out even further, we can see a Maha Yuga operates within larger 500,000, and 2,000,000 year cycles that turn to turn to determine our distance and connection with Source.

The network of Central Suns emanates pulsations of high-frequency photons of light, supercharging our local Sun which bathes our planet as we pass through it.

We can observe the behaviour of these solar waves through the Schumann Resonance.

The Schumann Resonance

Earth's heartbeat is changing.

Grid of twelve images showing the Schumann Resonance data for each month of the year 2018. Each image represents a month from January to December and displays a horizontal timeline for each day of the month. The data is visualized in a color spectrum ranging from blue to green to white, indicating different intensity levels of the Schumann Resonance. Each monthly image includes labels for the days of the week and dates

We don’t just live on the Earth, we live inside it.

Between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, we exist in a sea of invisible energies and oscillating fields where the smallest changes in one intertwined area carry over turbulence into others.

In 1954, German physicist W.O. Schumann investigated the Earth’s electromagnetic field detecting resonances at a main frequency of 7.83Hz. This is how the Schumann Resonance was established.

As far back as we know, the Schumann Resonance has been protecting all living things with its natural frequency of 7.83 Hz. It drives the harmonising pulse for life in our world and we all synchronise with this planetary heartbeat. 

As organic creatures we are susceptible to electromagnetic frequencies – they influence our brainwaves, bio-rhythms and states of consciousness and therefore directly affect our health and well-being. Increases in the Schumann Resonance stimulate states of consciousness known as Gamma brainwaves. During this aroused state, the brain isn’t connected to the ‘fight or flight’ survival mode of the lower mind, but rather correlates with super consciousness and universal awareness.

Increased solar activity affects the upper atmosphere, our weather and the ionosphere. In January 2017 (for the first time in recorded history) the Schumann Resonance rose from its usual 7.83 Hz to peak at 36 Hz. Since 2017, spikes in the Schumann Resonance have become more regular and more intense.

Solar Flares & CMEs

An energetic shift is taking place.

Side-by-side images of solar activity. The left image shows a red-toned view of the sun with bright flares emanating from the center, captured by a solar observatory. The right image is a grayscale view of the same solar activity, highlighting the solar flares and particles. Both images are timestamped '2022/03/10 18:12' at the bottom

Solar flares are giant explosions on the sun that send energy, light and high-speed particles into space. These flares are often associated with solar magnetic storms known as Coronal Mass Ejections (CME).

CMEs are high plasma energy, made up of electrons and protons. When these energies are directed at Earth, they literally shift the carbon-based structure of our planet and human bodies. Just as Earth has a magnetic field, so does the human body.

Solar flares and CMEs affect the wavelength and magnetics of our biofield, desynchronising our circadian rhythms, increasing the pineal gland's production of melatonin, and are believed to directly affect our our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Graph displaying the Schumann Resonance data over three days, from June 16, 2023, to June 18, 2023. The vertical axis represents frequency in Hz, ranging from 0 to 40, while the horizontal axis represents time in hours, from 0 to 24 for each day. The data is visualized in a color spectrum from blue to green to yellow and white, indicating different intensity levels. The graph shows varying patterns of activity, with denser and more vibrant sections reflecting higher resonance levels.

The Photon Belt

Traversing an area of space that we haven't been in for 12,000 years.

As our Solar System makes its way through the Universe it passes through various energy fields in space. This particular period in time is unique because we are closing in on an incredibly powerful field known as the Photon Belt, which is connected with the even Greater Central Sun in our galaxy, Sirius (known as our Spiritual Sun which is roughly 26x brighter than our Sun).

Because of our current cycle upward through the Ascension cycle, we’re seeing a global elevation of consciousness as more people wake up to their spiritual nature after a period of “darkness” and remember their innate connection with Source.

"Cosmologically, the Earth is moving into a different area of space where it hasn’t been for 12,000 years approximately. It’s moving through the Photon Belt, literally we are getting these incredible waves of gamma ray neutrino energy and light coming in, and that’s why the light feels so white… very bright white light. That is photonic light. This is very high crystalline energy coming in. And when that happens, it’s impossible, according to my understanding of quantum physics, that two different levels of energy can't coexist at the same time, the old lower energy stuff just has to disintegrate… it can’t continue.*

— Pam Gregory, Astrologer

Global Spiritual Awakening

Past, present and future are converging.

It’s important to note that Ascension is not “better” than Decension (even if periods of Declension are more prone to expressions of fear, war, violence and suffering). From the higher perspective, the cyclical pattern of Descension (decline/ contraction of consciousness) followed by Ascension (elevation/ expansion of consciousness) are natural seasons of the universe wherein consciousness is offered unique conditions and environments for learning, expression and self-realisation.

In saying this, many souls have been looking forward to Earth’s evolution into a higher state of consciousness – especially those that lived through humanity's previous attempts at Ascension.

According to Ascension and lightbody expert, Tim Whild, the advanced civilisation of Atlantis fell 10,000 years ago. Tim was a High Priest in the eras of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, and is using his collective memories from
past lives to bring through spiritual gifts and information stored in those times. 

Tim explains that during the past 10,000 years, the frequency on Earth has experienced its lowest vibration. This featured scenarios of extreme polarity like war, famine, greed and corruption. But like all things in the universe, this period of darkness was an intentional learning environment to provide incarnating souls a dense experience of polarity.

21 December 2012 was the day that the Earth changed.

Known by many as the End of the Mayan calendar and referred to as 'The Cosmic Moment' by spiritual teachers, this date marked the beginning of the Ascension Gateway or 4D window.

From 2013 onwards, the people that woke up or began to regard their spiritual pathway would have a profound effect on the people around them. This is a scenario that is ongoing, it’s coming in waves, it's coming with every wave of soul wake-ups thats occurring, and there's been a big wave in the past year and half. Tim says that there have been multiple waves of soul wake-ups in the past. These waves correlate to the notion of Star Seeds, Star Children and Lightworkers.

According to Tim, we are smack-bang in the middle of a 20-year transitional window that started in 2012 and will be open until 2032. This means we have another 10 years of acclimatising and shifting into these higher frequencies. In 2008, Archangel Metatron told Tim that 6 billion people will move through the Ascension Gateway by 2032.

“It would be almost impossible to be living on Earth right now and not be experiencing a vibrational shift, energy doesn't work like that. If you’re living on a planet that rises its vibration, then you rise with it. Otherwise you are no longer compatible with that environment.”

— Tim Whild

The Great Purge

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to release what no longer serves.

As Earth's electromagnetic force field gets weaker, strong waves of photonic light are streaming down from our central sun, spiking with solar flare activity and Coronal Mass Ejections and generating solar winds carrying high vibrational light toward us.

These surges of high frequency light are hitting earth, sparking evolutionary leaps in consciousness for the planet and all its inhabitants.

This metamorphosis also expresses itself physically as Gaia purges the old to make way for the new.

Coinciding with the cyclical shifting of the magnetic poles, Gaia's detoxification manifests as extreme weather conditions and eruptions of her tectonic plate skin as suppressed energies rise to the surface to be release.

Similarly, our bodies are also receiving an upgrade to acclimate with the new frequencies, resulting in physical symptoms, changes to diet or periods of intense exhaustion or fatigue. We're also going through an energetic purification clearing emotional baggage, processing unresolved trauma on both individual and collective levels and experiencing ego deaths that spark sudden awakening to spirit.

As we let go of dense energies, we rise along with the planet. This process can be uncomfortable but ultimately will prepare us to thrive in higher states of consciousness.

Ascension Symptoms

Attuning to a new human physiology.

Increased solar and galactic energies activate ultraviolet rays from the sun which awaken our cells and DNA. Cellular DNA can change by absorbing photonic light and solar energy.

As our bodies are penetrated by these high frequency light code energies, it causes our cells to vibrate faster and unlock dormant DNA. Solar activity is at an all-time high, we are experiencing higher and higher energies every day.

This increased solar activity is a large part of the Ascension Process and what is helping the planet and whole human collective to purge dense energies and raise its vibration and consciousness. 

All this high-frequency solar energy affects our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies here on Earth.

As a result, we can experience a variety of Ascension Symptoms as we acclimate to the new frequencies.

Common symptoms include bouts of exhaustion, soreness around the body, tingling sensations, sudden activation of psychic abilities, emotional releases, digestion issues, skin eruptions, sleepless nights, vivid dreams, colds, flu or other release of toxins, stuck emotions or dense energy.

Inner Work

The path of self-awareness.

Abstract image of a hand holding an oval object, possibly an egg. The hand is rendered in a pale, almost translucent color with dark spots and lines, giving it an ethereal, otherworldly appearance. The object in the hand is a warm orange hue, contrasting with the cool tones of the hand and the background, which is a muted grey

Inner Work is a spiritual practice that helps us heal the wounded parts of ourselves and come home to wholeness.

Blending psychology, energy work, emotional healing and philosophy, Inner Work provides frameworks and practical tools to cultivate self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence and deepen our understanding of trauma so we can come to a place of inner peace and reconciliation.

We developed our own signature approach called 'The 8 Pillars Of Inner Work' which we teach in online courses and 1:1 sessions.