Academy Of Transcendence is a multidimensional portal for spiritual evolution providing online courses, personalised 1–1 sessions and sacred group containers that catalyse your awakening, healing and Ascension.

Our Earth Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible awaken, heal and ascend into higher states of consciousness.

We explore a broad spectrum of co-created experiences with our community, from Self-Healing Online Courses, Monthly Group Meditations, Channelled Astral Journeys with Higher Dimensional Beings, Embodied Dance Parties, Energy Activations and Light Language Transmissions.


What is Ascension?

Abstract artwork depicting the Earth at the centre of a torus-shaped energy field. The energy field is represented by a pink and purple wireframe grid surrounding the Earth, with a beam of light passing vertically through the planet. The background is a dark, cosmic scene with nebulous clouds and stars, creating a sense of space and energy flow

We are currently living in a time of great transformation on Earth.

It has been foretold in many ancient wisdom traditions that human beings are approaching a great evolutionary leap – where the energetic metamorphosis of our planet coincides with the expansion of human consciousness and mass spiritual awakening. 

As more individuals awaken, there is a gradual shift in the collective consciousness. The culmination of humanity's ascension is often envisioned as the emergence of a "New Earth." This is a state of higher consciousness where love, peace, and harmony prevail.

A group of people sitting in a circle on a wooden floor, participating in a meditation or healing session. The room is spacious and bright, with large windows in the background. Candles, crystals, and small objects are arranged in the centre of the circle. Two speakers on stands are positioned at the front of the room. The participants are sitting cross-legged, with a calm and focused demeanour. The setting has a warm and inviting atmosphere

Kevin Tran is an Inner Work and Ascension guide from Sydney, Australia.

Meet your guide, Kevin. Kevin is sitting cross-legged on a colorful cushion in a minimalist room with a serene expression

Before his spiritual awakening, Kevin channeled his empathic sensitivity into creativity pursuing art, music and a career in brand design. At the same time, he was drawn to partying, hedonism, escapist tendencies and substance abuse. This self-destructive behaviour eventually took its toll and in 2018, Kevin had spiralled into a period of depression, confusion and disconnection which kicked off his Dark Night Of The Soul.

With a glaring awareness of his wounded state, Kevin's focus shifted from seeking external gratification to his inner landscape and a fierce drive to understand his volatile emotions, self-sabotaging patterns and harsh inner critic stories was born.

Kevin dove head-first into the world of healing, exploring the fields of psychology, somatic healing, energy work and spiritual philosophies from ancient wisdom traditions as well as New Age movements. During this process of learning and experimentation, he identified a suite of essential self-healing practices, customising them into his signature self-healing framework he now calls The 8 Pillars Of Inner Work.

Today, Kevin is passionate about sharing Inner Work so that others can empower themselves with the concepts and tools to shift out of victim-mentality, reclaim their personal power and cultivate a richer sense of self-love.


The 8 Pillars of Inner Work


At Academy Of Transcendence, we take a spiritual approach to mental and emotional well-being, blending the fields of psychology, emotional intelligence, energy work, somatic healing and philosophy.
We have developed our own signature framework for self-healing called The 8 Pillars Of Inner Work, a powerful collection of expansive concepts and practical tools. 


Transcend Together Podcast

Video Poster Image

Episode #007 – Phú Giang


In this light-filled conversation, PhĂş shares details about his profound awakening moment and the fast track journey of healing and learning that followed.

We dive into our views on the Ascension process, chat about life after fall of Atlantis and the importance of the heart, and finish up with some handy tips to navigate the upcoming shifts and changes.


MTTT Mixtape Series

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Abstract and spiritual artwork depicting a seated figure in a meditative pose. The figure is adorned with chakra symbols aligned along the spine, each representing different energy centers. Above the figure's head is a lotus flower with a triangle and other geometric shapes. The background features mountainous scenery and large eyes with an intense gaze, symbolizing higher awareness. The image is vibrant, with colors blending from pinks and purples at the top to blues and greens at the bottom

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