Join us on the first day of every month for a free group mediation.

To help you stay energetically calm and centered, we are hosting 'Monthly Grounding', a free online group meditation on the first day of each month inside our community New Earth Portal.

Our intention is to create a restorative refuge to connect with the grounding presence of Gaia, practice stillness of the mind and cultivate more inner peace and spaciousness.

Monthly Grounding: Online Group Meditation
When: First day of each month
Time: 7pm – 8pm (AEST/AEDT)
Where: Hosted in New Earth Portal
Cost: Free with sign-up

What's included:

  • 1 x 60-minute live group meditation per month
  • Access to our library of past group meditations
  • Dedicated online community platform with group chat
  • Q&A time after each session


Hey there, I'm Kevin


Welcome to Academy Of Transcendence, thanks for dropping in. If you’re interested in spiritual awakening, healing or Ascension, you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find our online courses, membership community and 1:1 sessions for those who want to dive deeper.

Enjoy looking around, I hope our work resonates. You can also read more about my story below.


Our Earth Mission

Healing = wholeness


Spiritual growth and healing go hand in hand. They both describe the journey from separation/ fragmentation back to unity/ wholeness. And there are many different paths we can take...

Inner Work is the path of self-awareness.

It is a spiritual practice that alchemises the challenges in our life into embodied wisdom. It is the movement from victim-mentality via self-empowerment while deepening our capacity for unconditional love.

The 8 Pillars of Inner Work


At Academy Of Transcendence, we take a spiritual approach to mental and emotional well-being, blending the fields of psychology, emotional intelligence, energy work, somatic healing and philosophy.
We have developed our own signature framework for self-healing called The 8 Pillars Of Inner Work, a powerful collection of expansive concepts and practical tools. 

Ego Work
Emotional Intelligence
Healthy Boundaries
Shadow Work
Emotional Embodiment
Masculine & Feminine
Inner Child Work

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