Academy Of Transcendence is a multidimensional portal for spiritual evolution providing transformative online courses, personalised 1:1 sessions and activating group containers that catalyse your awakening, healing and Ascension.

Our mission is to support the evolution of Gaia and humanity by facilitating safe, supportive and (most importantly) fun spaces for learning, healing and re
connection to spirit.

Our Values


We believe that unconditional love is the highest form of intelligence. That's why our workshops, courses and offerings seek to create a world that is more compassionate, empathic and guided by the wisdom of the heart. This means cultivating a deep sense of self-love, because our outer reality is a reflection of our inner world. The depth of unconditional love that we give to ourselves reflects the quality of light that we can then share with others and radiate out into the world.


The illusion of separation has been an interesting game to play... however the next evolution of humanity is all about unity consciousness and remembering our innate interconnectedness as fractals of the same Source. Inclusivity means practicing non-judgement and honouring everyone's free will to choose the reality they prefer to experience. Irrespective of race, colour or belief system preferences, our doors are always open. This invitation applies to humanity but also extends our friends and family outside of Earth.


Spirituality doesn't need to be strict and rigid. Healing doesn't need to be so heavy and serious. We create safe spaces to connect to the lightheartedness of our inner child, so we can laugh, play and express freely and authentically. We come together to dance because it's fun, we flex our creativity just because we honour the spark of the Creator within us. Ascension can be a fun journey of learning and discovery where we awaken, heal and evolve in consciousness alongside friends and community.

Meet our founder, Kevin

Meet your guide, Kevin. Kevin is sitting cross-legged on a colorful cushion in a minimalist room with a serene expression

Kevin Tran is an Inner Work teacher and Ascension guide from Sydney, Australia.

Kevin is passionate about sharing his signature framework for self-healing, The 8 Pillars of Inner Work so that others can empower themselves with the concepts and tools to heal unresolved trauma, reclaim their personal power and cultivate a richer sense of self-love.

This interest in self-healing naturally led him to the concept of Ascension and the expansion of consciousness, both on an individual and collective level. Kevin is now documenting his insights and discoveries into self-help book format to make practical Ascension easily accessible for everyone.


Group of people lying on the wooden floor of a spacious, bright room, participating in a relaxation or meditation session. The participants are spread out, each lying flat on their back with eyes closed. In the background, there are piles of cushions and a few potted plants. A person stands at a table in the back right corner, possibly a facilitator or DJ, with equipment on the table and a speaker nearby

Workshops + Events

We love to explore a broad spectrum of co-created experiences with our community, from Inner Work Courses, Monthly Group Meditations, Channelled Astral Journeys with Higher Dimensional Beings, Embodied Dance Parties, Energetic Activations and Light Language Transmissions.


We've had so many memorable gatherings both in-person and online but below are a selection of our favourites.

Promotional poster for 'Keepers of the Light' online group meditation event. The background features an artistic depiction of a total solar eclipse with a radiant ring of light and clouds. The event title 'Keepers of the Light' is written in large yellow-green text, with 'ONLINE GROUP MEDITATION' below it. The top of the poster mentions the date, Monday, 8th April 2024, and states the event is free with RSVP. At the bottom, there are Instagram handles: @oracleofavalon, @et.earthling, and @academyoftranscendence. The image also shows a group of people sitting in meditation, facing the eclipse.
Total Solar Eclipse 2024

For this milestone cosmic event, we joined forces with Brian @oracleofavalon and Elizabeth @et.earthling to host a powerful guided meditation featuring channeled messages and frequency healing. Brian connected with Christos the Christ Light Dragon for a deep cleanse, Archangel Haniel to open our heart and the Pleiadians and thwart some shady portal nonsense ;) The icing on the cake was Elizabeth's divine Oracle Song and Light Language Transmission ✨

Lion's Gate 2022

The Lion's Gate portal has a special place in our heart. In 2022, we teamed up with Jane @soulremedyroom.jane and the energy clearing and activation the group experienced was next level. We had visitations from the Lyrans and Sirian High Council, with multiple attendees reporting to have received a blessing from a lion being. Check out some snaps and shares from the event here and here.

Lion's Gate 2023

Lion’s Gate 2023 was all about igniting our Inner Fire and shifting from Light Worker to Light Warrior ⚔️ We channeled the strength, radiance and courage of Leo, helping us to stand up for what we believe in but also speak our truth unapologetically. To cultivate this personal power, we activated the Higher Heart Chakra (also known as the seat of the soul) – a sacred space where we can receive guidance from our Higher Self.


If you'd like to meet other spiritual seekers on their path to awakening and Ascension, we'd love to see you in New Earth Portal, our online membership community.

Connecting in community provides a container to meet soul family, share sacred space and learn from the life experiences of others.

We get together to co-create different experiences, including our free Monthly Grounding meditation, astral journeys to train 
our psychic abilities, and other curated events that add some mystical, magical and remind you of your limitless power.


Transcend Together Podcast

One of our favourite things to do is ask others about their personal awakening. That's why we started the Transcend Together Podcast Series to facilitate important conversations about spirituality as more people awaken to their connection with spirit.

Episode #007 – Phú Giang

In this light-filled conversation, PhĂş shares details about his profound awakening moment and the fast track journey of healing and learning that followed.

We dive into our views on the Ascension process, chat about life after fall of Atlantis and the importance of the heart, and finish up with some handy tips to navigate the upcoming shifts and changes.

Episode #004 – Rubia Lacerda

Originally from Brazil with Amazonian Indigenous roots, Rubia started her spiritual journey over 24 years ago when she discovered her channeling abilities which allow her to connect with and channel Light Beings such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Feline Lyrans and Ashtar.

Rubia shares her experiences communicating with extraterrestrials and what she sees for humanity and New Earth.



We love to explore a broad spectrum of co-created experiences with our community, from Inner Work Courses, Monthly Group Meditations, Channelled Astral Journeys with Higher Dimensional Beings, Embodied Dance Parties, Energetic Activations and Light Language Transmissions.

Incu x Nike ACG x AOT

Australian clothing store @incu_clothing got in touch about an idea they were cooking up for the launch of Nike ACG's 2021 collection.

The concept for the collaboration was 'Nature is Healing' and the team wanted to explore different ways to express the healing qualities of the natural world.

Our contribution was a bespoke guided visualisation called 'Foundation Grounding', which features energy work and breathing cues to connect to Mother Earth and the wisdom of ancient trees.

MTTT Mixtape Series

'Music To Transcend To' is a mixtape series where we invite friends to curate songs and soundscapes that evoke the feeling of transcendence. We've been lucky so far with our contributors:

Vol.1 – Midnight Swim (Mike Who & Tom Studdy)
Vol.2 – Thomas Gillmann
Vol.3 – DJ Spiritual Healing

Head over to our Soundcloud page and give them a spin.

DNActivation Collection

We love a bit of merch, especially when it comes with Light Code Activation Technology™. 

For this capsule collection, we ran with the DNA upgrade theme to create some activating AOT t-shirts.

Digital artist Danny Kombucha contributed a stunning DNA double helix graphic that we printed on the back of a long-sleeve tee.

Get in touch to find out which styles/ sizes we have left in stock.


Let's create some magic.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we carefully choose the unique challenges and themes to face while incarnated on Earth. These preplanned initiations provide the contrast and catalyst for rich lived experiences.


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