Non-Resistance 5D Philosophy

#5dphilosophy #ascensionpath #higherself #nonresistance #spiritualawakening Feb 23, 2024

5D Philosophy Principles:

1) Non-Attachment
2) Non-Judgement
3) Non-Violence
4) Non-Interference
5) Non-Duality
6) Non-Resistance (New ✨)

My Pisces moon was in its element receiving this 5D Philosophy download about Non-Resistance at 4am this morning.

But first, story time.

Whether consciously or not, we're all walking this Ascension path, navigating the new energies as they land and working stuff out as we go.

I've mentioned my frustration at the lack of momentum and uncertainty about direction. Since the start of the year, I've been in a void-type energy, and this sense of limbo has manifested across all areas of my life.

One example was my travel plans to USA. Some family stuff came up unexpectedly so I didn't board my flight, it didn't feel right to leave when things hadn't settled yet. In the interim, I decided to spend a few weeks in the Blue Mountains.

It's been peaceful up here but I recently got hit with another wave of physical Ascension symptoms. This is the 5th BIG wave I've experienced and it has been pretty debilitating on the body. I've learned these are cosmic upgrades for our body, energy systems and DNA to recalibrate to the new frequencies.

This forced pause has made me restless and impatient. My Taskmaster inner critic got louder. I felt resistance to how stagnant things felt so I began to strategise ways to "get back on track."

It's cute how my ego thinks it's in control + it still surprises me how insistent he is about which way is the right way.

Quietly in the background, my Higher Self tries to relay a different set of instructions:

Carousel slide notes:
2. No umbrella + stuck in a phonebooth
3. A more gentle reminder from the universe
4. Randomly on the coffee table
5. My Gene Key gift is 'Stillness'
6. 4 of Swords represents clarity gained from rest and contemplation
7. Higher Mind / Physical Mind relationship
8 - 10. Words on Non-Resistance

The past few weeks have shown me how our Physical Mind often tries to take charge of the journey, often distracting us from what our Higher self is trying to bring our attention to.

Anyway, I'm grateful for the new downloads and if you got this far, thank you for reading along πŸ™ 🌐🌐🌐