#afterlifesupport #ascensionjourney #lightworkers #luciddreams #spiritualhealing May 13, 2024

A few weeks ago, Brian shared a dream where a disembodied voice showed him a visual of lost souls trapped on Earth. The voice spoke about an event where lightworkers came together to shine a collective light that would help them heal, raise their frequency and finally cross over.

As fascinating as this sounded, I wasn’t exactly sure how I could help. I mean, afterlife matters aren't really an AOT specialty.

Things changed when my dad (who passed away 9 months ago) came to me in a lucid dream.

Along with a bunch of other signs and synchronicities, I could feel he wanted to connect so I asked Brian for a mediumship reading so we could find out more.

To make a long story shorter: Dad explained that after leaving his body, he started his Life Review process where he got stuck in some negative mental loops – that’s why he was sending numbers like 333 and 911 to request help.

After hearing that Dad was struggling with self-criticism and processing dense emotions like guilt, sadness and shame, I understood he needed help with Inner Work, as well as a higher spiritual perspective to resolve and reconcile challenging life experiences.

Dad mentioned there are many stuck in similar situations and suggested that Brian and I host an event so that other Lost Souls could also benefit from our guidance, healing and positive energy.

During this event, we will create a collective field infused with the frequencies of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love. This energy will act as a beacon of light, helping souls that are having difficulty transitioning to raise their frequency, come to peace with their previous incarnation and return to the light of Source.

Only souls who are willing and consenting will be crossed over.

This will be an important contribution to Earth’s healing and Ascension so if you feel called, we'd love to have you there to amplify the light 💪