Ascension Update: Physical Purging

#ascensionupdate #energywork #geomagneticactivity #physicalpurging #spiritualhealing Mar 21, 2024

Increased geomagnetic activity caused by Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections – in conjunction with powerful waves of photonic plasma light – puts enormous pressure on our physical bodies.

Physical purging is at an all-time high and practices that support the integration of these higher frequencies are essential to curb uncomfortable Ascension Symptoms.

As potent cosmic and solar frequencies reach Earth, they are absorbed into our energy body affecting our Chakra system, meridian lines and correlating organs.

Everyone's physical upgrade process will look different, changing to reflect different processes within the non-linear Ascension journey. Stages may include Awakening, Clearing, Healing, Transmutation, Activation and Integration.

Common symptoms include headaches, migraines, spontaneous exhaustion or fatigue, heart palpitations, anxiety, ringing in the ears, yawning and burping, bloating and other digestive issues, appetite changes, and disrupted sleep patterns.

The Ascension process invites us to cultivate more conscious relationships with our mind, body, emotions and the non-physical realms.

A personal example: I recently accessed my Akashic Records to ask about the itchy clear liquid that excretes from my skin, scabs and flakes off. My records confirmed that this was an Ascension symptom, specifically a detoxing method linked to my star system ancestry and unique DNA structure.

Additionally, I discovered that the inflammation was being exacerbated by a negative entity attachment (dating back to one of my past lives during the Orion Galactic Wars) making it almost impossible to heal through physical treatment alone – a wild story for another day.

Sometimes when we are releasing mucus, pus or other toxin-filled fluids, it's common to focus externally, default to self-blame and jump to conclusions about what we have "done wrong".

Seek professional medical advice AND also hold the awareness that the intensifying geomagnetics of the planet are catalysing unprecedented rates of purging and purification resulting in a diverse spectrum of physical (and non-physical) Ascension Symptoms.

The important takeaway is that our physical bodies are working tirelessly to anchor the new frequencies and constantly give us feedback about what it wants or needs. Hot tip: Often, it is more rest, self-compassion and water!

Drinking more purified water is vital. To support the Ascension process, our bodies require a lot more hydration to flush out waste products, toxins and residue through our elimination pathways – hopefully, in the most easy, natural and comfortable way.

This is the same for grounding.

In the past, grounding may have seemed like a fun or novel thing to do... But as solar, cosmic and geomagnetic energies really start to ramp up, making direct physical contact with Earth or energetically connecting to the core of the planet is becoming more essential to move excess energy out of the body and curb uncomfortable Ascension Symptoms.

This is a broader message for the majority of people on their Spiritual Awakening path. It speaks to the impact intensifying solar, cosmic, and geomagnetic frequencies have on our physical vessels.

For the past few years, I've been observing my physical body cycle through purging to clear out the old to make room for the new, the recovery phase after receiving new energies and light codes, and then integrating them as embodied activations 🧬

My top 3 tips for managing Ascension Symptoms:
1️⃣ Listen when your body asks for rest
2️⃣ Ascension is a marathon, not a sprint so be kind to yourself throughout this process
3️⃣ Drink more water! (obvs without the fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals)

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