Ascension Detox Protocol

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It's been interesting to observe how the physical body responds to energetic shifts – whether that's through internal processes such as Energy Healing or Inner Work, or external stimuli like Solar Flares, CMEs or Cosmic Portals that shower us in waves of high-frequency lightcodes.

As upgrades occur on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, we eventually experience some kind of physical expression of the transformation, whether that's a powerful somatic release or more subtle tingling sensations around the body.

As we heal and awaken, we transmute density into Light.

In many ways the Ascension process is also a purification process where we become aware of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and generational patterns so they can be understood, validated and reintegrated back into Love.

Initially, my focus was cultivating more harmony with our thoughts, emotions and belief systems, however recently it's clear that there are steps we can take to prepare ourselves for the shifts that occur in our physical vessels.

I've been watching this process unfold personally as well as in the people who join our online courses or work with me 1:1.

As we all dive deeper into our healing and awakening, we may notice our tolerance for certain foods change. Perhaps you're noticing more digestion issues, new intolerances or maybe even allergic reactions?

Trust me, I know this can be confusing, frustrating and even cause panic and paranoia about what you are doing wrong.

It's taken me a few years to accept that there is a natural detoxification process underway when we choose the Ascension pathway that reflects the layers of mental, emotional and physical toxins that are ready to be shed so we can create space for a lighter, brighter and more empowered version of ourselves.

This is why reviewing our diet choices (food + content) and detoxifying our organs are important considerations that can powerfully support this profound metamorphosis we're going through.

If you've been struggling with Ascension Symptoms, I'll be sharing the detox protocols that have helped me – hopefully make your Ascension process a little more comfortable.