Become a Magnetic Match for your manifestations.

Our beliefs determine our emotions.

Our emotions represent the frequency our bodies emit out into the universe.

This is how our thoughts and emotions attract the situations, people and timelines that we play out in our physical reality.


Like energy attracts like energy. In other words, the universe gives us more of what we think and feel we are. This is why it's vital to clear up our emotional field and rewire any limiting beliefs so we don't sabotage our dreams from manifesting.

If you're ready to get the laws of frequency to work for you instead of against you, our Magnetic Manifestation Method will empower you to become a master co-creator of your reality.


Magnetic Manifestation Masterclass

Price: $888
Duration: 3 x 90-minute sessions

Where: Online via Zoom


The Magnetic Manifestation Method is actually quite simple. Here is the basic recipe including key ingredients.

  1. A clear intention

  2. A vision of what you would like to experience

  3. Beliefs that support your intention

  4. Knowing why this is meaningful to you

  5. A list of practical steps to move forward

  6. Elevated emotions

  7. Gratitude, Trust and the ability to receive

The problem that most people face with manifestation is that their intention gets blocked at one of the Chakras (energy centres) as it makes its way down from Thought down into Form. This can slow down or completely sabotage our intention manifesting. 

To become Magnetic Manifestors, we have to ask: "Where is the disconnect?"

All external change starts with Inner Work.

Often the disconnect is in our individual belief that they deserve to have the life they want to live.

To manifest our preferred experience, we need to:

  • Connect with our inner Knowing to get clear about what lights us up

  • Release any emotions that are clogging up our energetic pathways so that Manifestation Current can flow smoothly
  • Remove the limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns and resistance that hold us back (such as self-doubt, unworthiness or scarcity mindset) 

  • Release any neediness, expectation or attachment to the outcome

  • Deepen our capacity for trust, faith, and receivership 

If you've been trying to manifest but are hitting roadblocks, our 3-session 1–1 Masterclass will give you the guidance, knowledge and support to strengthen your Manifestation Magnetism.


Magnetic Manifestation Masterclass

3 x 90-minute online sessions

Magnetic Manifestation Masterclass

Session 1: Focus, Clarity & Vision

In our first session, we start with some background theory so you understand how we move thought (ideas, inspiration) down into form (physical, tangible reality)

Next, I will guide you through an astral journey where you will receive intuitive messages and impressions to get more clarity about your goal, dream or intention. We will also begin the process of downloading visuals of this potential timeline, capturing this frequency as a Vision Board.

What you will get:

  • Intro + theory about Magnetic Manifestation
  • Guided astral journey to receive messages, visions and intuitive messages
  • Vision board co-creation + final PDF file you can print


Magnetic Manifestation Masterclass

Session 2: Beliefs, Blocks & Heartspace

In our second session, we deep dive into the beliefs required to power our intention. This is when we identify any mental blocks (like perfectionism, imposter syndrome or playing small) and get down to the root cause to clear and rewrite them with a new set of affirmations.

Next, we move the intention into the Heartspace, get clear on what makes this meaningful to you and infuse it with the frequency of Love.

What you will get:

  • Identify limiting beliefs and blocks
  • Personalised affirmation ritual
  • Heartspace connection guided meditation


Magnetic Manifestation Masterclass

Session 3: Willpower, Enjoyment & Gratitude

In our final session, we map out the practical steps that are required to bring our manifestation to life and take inspired actions to support our goal. This means creating opportunities and meeting the universe halfway by demonstrating our passion, commitment and consistency.

Following this, we dial up the magnetism of our intention by simulating the enjoyment of our intention. By tuning our energy to elevated emotions such as joy, pleasure and freedom, we become a vibrational match for this reality.

Finally, we finish the process by embodying that version of us that is already living our preferred timeline. All potentials exist in the quantum field and we can create a bridge between timelines through gratitude.

What you will get:

  • Defining practical steps to move forward
  • Emotional attunement and clearing guilt and shame blocks
  • Grounding, embodiment and gratitude


Let's make manifestation a fun, exciting and magical game of co-creation.

Magnetic Manifestation Masterclass

Price: $888
Duration: 3 x 90-minute sessions

Where: Online via Zoom