Ascension Update: Unplugging From Old Earth

#ascension #energyshift #newearth #spiritualawakening #unplugfromoldearth May 06, 2024

Since the energetic fireworks of April, there have been a lot of internal shifts that are now unfolding into our physical realities.

The frequency of Earth has significantly jumped up a few notches and we're going to be seeing the domino effect of this ripple out on the global stage.

We know that these energetic level-ups never go down well with the service-to-self controllers of the 3D matrix who would prefer to keep things exactly as they were.

So it's inevitable that the Old Earth structures of government, finance, pharmaceutical, mainstream news + social media and even entertainment are going to push back.

In attempts to slow down our individual and collective Ascension, they will try reassert their control and dominance through fear-mongering, distraction or propaganda tactics.

It's time to slowly and calmly unplug!

Unplugging from Old Earth requires us to see where we have given our power away to authorities, institutions and corporations in exchange for "leadership", convenience or a false sense of safety, security and stability.

Where have we bought into their stories of lack, limitation and separation?

We already know that industries such as Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Food, and Big Money have not been acting for the genuine well-being and empowerment of humanity.

Where can we start switching to providers and services that stand in integrity for real health, prosperity, planet-wide sustainability and authentic human connection?

Many of those Old Earth structures and structures are sinking ships anyway. The sooner we stop giving our attention, money and patronage to them, the sooner that we can invest in and port over to the alternative, more supportive infrastructure of New Earth.

Their biggest fear is if we unite and focus on our healing and collective evolution – that's why they are trying everything they can to distract, divide and disempower us.

Unplugging from Old Earth requires us to transcend scarcity programming, divisiveideologies and fear-based habits that reinforce survival mode or victim-mentality.