Ascension Update: Transmuting Physical Density

#energyhealing #higherconsciousness #lightbodyactivation #mindbodyconnection #spiritualascension Jun 08, 2024

Ascending into higher states of consciousness involves transmuting density and expanding our capacity to hold light.

The 6D human is the physical embodiment of 5D unity consciousness while in a 3D vessel. Learning how to communicate with unphysical body while it undertakes this metamorphosis is important for the activation and stabilisation of our light body.

Raising our frequency comes with increased sensitivity to energy and a lower threshold to tolerate things that disrupt the natural flow of lifeforce energy throughout the body.

We become more sensitive to the energy of people, the power dynamics that play out IN relationships and the situations drain us.

We become more conscious of our content diet, moving away from music, video, news sources and social media that carry the frequency off ear, control or artifice.

And we become more sensitive to what we put inside our bodies – intuitively gravitating toward organic and whole foods and avoiding that which is processed, artificial or inflammatory.

The way we consume lifeforce energy shifts incrementally, corresponding to the elevation of consciousness. This gives our physical body time to release any attachments to self-sabotaging habits, addictive ingredients, and foods/drinks that we have developed an emotional dependency to.

Throughout this transition, our body is always trying to communicate with us. Sometimes, the signals are loud, blunt and blatantly uncomfortable: for example bloating, diarrhoea or acid reflux after consuming certain foods.

Other times, symptoms are more subtle: like accumulation of toxic heavy metals deep within the organs, or an allergy caused by increasing intolerance to gluten, dairy, pesticides, additives, preservatives or other chemicals.

It's useful to remember that Ascension is a marathon (not a sprint) and embarking on the physical upgrade process is a long-term commitment.

At first, it can feel like walking around with our eyes closed. We may bump into intense symptoms and get worried, frustrated or even paranoid and obsess about the root cause.

As our body moves through and evolves with these shifts, it's important to become aware of when we turn to self-blame or harsh judgement about our body's process or condition.

Our body is conscious and sending negative thoughts to it while it's in this process of deep cellular metamorphosis is counterproductive.

Acknowledgement the intense transformation your physical vessel is undergoing in response to the intensifying frequencies and start a more kind and reverent dialogue with it.

"What do you need more of right now?

"What do you need less of right now?

"How can I be more supportive as you move through this upgrading process?"

Instead of attaching to a concept, ideology or judgement of what is good/bad or right/wrong, practice decoding the intuitive language of your body and take action on its requests for attunement and rebalancing as best you can.

Amidst the sea of ideas, advice and opinions out there, how well can you hear the subtle messages sent from your own body?

How you can you honour its requests?

This might mean letting go of rigid beliefs about food or diet, committing to a more disciplined routine or perhaps a new relationship with rest and self-care is being called for.

Remember that external guidance (including ours) is only there to help you get clearer your own truth. Listen to the innate communication within your own body. It knows what it wants and needs, and the initiations of Ascension provide incredible opportunities to deepen your physical body connection, trust and appreciation.

Learning how to navigate Ascension energies and navigating energetic upgrades can get overwhelming and can feel like a lot at times.

If you've been struggling with Ascension symptoms recently, remember this was part of the deal when choosing to incarnate on Earth during this time.

It really is a privilege to witness humanity's evolution into higher consciousness unfold on the ground inside a physical body.

Some might even call it the greatest show in the universe to experience old systems and energies falling away for more love, light and global, galactic, cosmic and universal connections.

Instead of resisting change, blaming ourselves or resenting the growing pains, we have the option to gracefully embrace each new challenge as another initiation toward our Self-Mastery and the remembrance of our limitless power and divinity.

Ascension is an inside job and often others won't be able to see or understand the leaps and bounds you have already made. I see you. Stay patient, it'll be worth it!

Passing on a cosmic fist bump from my higher self to yours 🤜🧬🤛