Stages of Spiritual Awakening

#ascensionprocess #consciousness #healingjourney #innerwork #spiritualawakening Jun 08, 2024

Life before awakening is following the mainstream narrative and meeting the status quo. It tells us to study to earn a qualification, get a job and climb the professional ladder, apply for a mortgage and continue working 9-5 to pay it off while saving up superannuation for our retirement. This system includes interconnected economic, political, and cultural conventions that modern-day society abides by. The leaders, authorities, institutions, and corporations that govern the system vie for public support. Money and influence determine power. Time and labour is exchanged to pay for food, housing, conveniences, and luxuries. The way toward success is by playing by the rules administered. If compliance isn’t met, there will be repercussions. We are born into this rigid system and we participate because everyone else around us is.

The strain of responsibilities, contracts, and the 9-5 routine cause pressure and strain. Feelings of discomfort, dissatisfaction, depression, and unfulfillment grow. Freedom is permitted within a predefined scope. The belief that work is required to sustain life can lead to victim mentality, hopelessness, and feeling trapped. These commitments add pressure and often solace is sought through escapist behaviours to self-soothe such as alcohol, drugs, and consumerism. This can further lead to feelings of disconnection, discontentment, depression, frustration, confusion, emotional volatility, stress, and burnout. The monotony, drama, and pressure of the external world provoke introspection.

After some external drama or crisis – often called 'The Dark Night Of The Soul' – you feel like detaching from relationships/situations and retreating to get some clarity about why you feel the way you do. This withdrawal is necessary to energetically disconnect from outside influences and create space to tune into your inner essence. This is a highly reflective time where a lot of suppressed emotions and old stories bubble up. There is usually resistance to look and listen but the path forward is by letting yourself feel it all. Hermit-mode lessons about self-care, boundaries, and giving your power away.

During this cocoon stage, you may also be drawn to topics like self-development, psychology, ancient wisdom traditions, meditation, psychedelics, astrology, and other paths and teachers for answers. There is a growing curiosity to research and learn from others. This may mean reading books, taking online courses, attending workshops, or retreats. You may feel drawn to try different experiences like Vipassana.

Healing takes many forms. It may be working with the mind through counseling, hypnotherapy, theta healing, or Inner Work. Or perhaps working with the body and breath to heal the nervous system through somatic release. It could be through reiki or other forms of energy work. Different modalities will be relevant at different times of the healing journey.

One stage is dissolving the illusory nature of our societal structures like government, religion, and banking systems. This is the shadow of humanity. Understandably, this stage is shocking as corruption, manipulation, exploitation, and malicious acts, from political agendas, extraterrestrial coverups, suppressed free energy technologies, weather modification technologies and agendas, toxins in our food and water supply, fabricated truths, satanic ritualists, pedophilia across religious, corporate, royal, and celebrity circles. Spiritual awakening is not only about awakening to love and light, it also requires us to see and reconcile the darkness in both society and ourselves. This stage can often lead to cognitive dissonance where we struggle to reconcile the fact that there is much more darkness beneath the veneer of our societal structures.

Purging and releasing belief systems, emotions, and stories that no longer serve us is an important process we revisit again and again. Releasing density allows us to rise. Another thing that we need to release is our need for control. The wounded ego clings to the familiar and known. Resetting our relationship with control to collaborate with spirit, Source, or our soul creates an important shift in our awakening journey. It is no longer me against the world, it becomes the universe is working for me.

Connecting to our emotions is our direct experience of energy. Because emotions are the waves of energy that move through our body. As our awareness of energy increases, so too does our ability to sense and manipulate it. Connecting to our energy body and tuning our energy centers completely shifts our perception of reality. We are less attached to the belief that we are physical beings and start to play with the idea that everything is energy before it is physical. We start playing with manifestation, quantum healing, and other frequency-based medicine. We also develop our awareness of non-physical beings through the strengthening of our psychic senses.

Our psychic senses allow us to connect to the spiritual realms to receive information, guidance, and healing. New experiences of reality open up like channeling, light language, telepathy, and more. Instead of getting caught up in disempowering cycles of dense emotions, we can choose to align with the higher frequencies of peace, love, and bliss. We now have one foot in the spiritual realms and one foot still in the physical. We have awakened to our multidimensionality and remembered our true nature as creative, powerful, and eternal spiritual beings.