What is more important to you? Being right or being loving?

#ascensionjourney #collectiveconsciousness #communitysupport #metaphysical #spiritualawakening Apr 02, 2024

⚠️ POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING: Read at own risk ⚠️

I used to feel pretty isolated on my spiritual path. I didn’t have many people around me interested in the same "weird and wacky" topics.

It’s surreal to be on the other side of that now and find myself connecting with more people who not just had similar experiences during their awakening, but also have incredibly interesting perspectives to offer and exchange.

That's why I'm grateful for last night's Monthly Meditation with the pure light being that is @authenticlightworker (thanks again to everyone who attended!), and this morning, I woke up to a super juicy group thread with @et.earthling @oracleofavalon @lightofdreamwalker

These guys are all skilful channellers (I’ve had mind-blowing readings with each of them) and I love hearing what they have to say about Ascension, healing and all things metaphysical – both their human perspective and the information that flows through them from the higher realms.

Today’s conversation was about how our personal beliefs and truths impact the collective reality – a layered and intricate topic that was sparked by the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse (iykyk).

It’s refreshing to be in space where it’s completely safe to express individual perspectives without judgement – especially those that are controversial, esoteric, existential or philosophical.

Although we have mixed perspectives, there was no arguing over who was right or wrong.

It made me remember past experiences where I got into heated arguments – each side fiercely trying to prove why their belief was more true. In those incidences, it was interesting to shift the focus and ask:

"Instead of telling me why your belief is true, tell me how it helps you grow"

We can push that even further – instead of focusing on personal growth and evolution, we can ask how our beliefs deepen our capacity to love.

There were so many interesting moments in this conversation so I wanted to share our musings – maybe there’s something in there that sparks questions for your own reflection.

If you enjoyed our rambles, Brian, Elizabeth and I are cooking up an epic collaboration that we’ll be announcing tomorrow – stay tuned.