$333.00 AUD

1–1 Inner Work: Healthy Boundaries

Single Session: 90 minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $333

Many of us learned to prioritise others before ourselves. This disconnects us from acknowledging our personal limits and needs. Self-care is not selfish. This can be a foreign concept for those who grew up in a codependent or enmeshed family where people-pleasing and self-sacrifice were normalised or rewarded.

Healthy boundaries are an act of self-love and learning how to communicate them firmly yet compassionately is a sign of self-mastery.

In this 1–1 session, you will deep dive into:

  • The difference between self care and selfishness 
  • Identifying when you’re abandoning your needs 
  • The importance of saying ‘No’ 
  • Overcoming unhealthy dynamics like codependency, enmeshment, hyper independence etc. 
  • The different types of boundaries including physical, time, sexual, emotional etc.
  • Setting boundaries for different situations 
  • Learning how to navigate others’ reactions to your boundaries
  • Learning how to respect others’ boundaries 

You will also develop your practice through interactive exercises:

  • Step by step on setting boundaries 
  • Exercising your boundary setting muscle

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