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1–1 Inner Work: Ego Work Introduction

3 Session Bundle: 3 x 90-minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $777 (save $222)

As our inbuilt defence mechanism, the Ego creates beliefs, stories and behaviours to help us cope with distressing and disturbing experiences (trauma). If left unresolved, these perceived threats become our triggers, resulting in impulsive emotionally charged reactions, self-sabotaging patterns and victim mentality.

Ego Work shows us that our triggers are our teachers, helping to reveal our Inner Critic stories and highlighting the wounds that are ready to be seen, understood and healed.

In these 1–1 sessions, you will deep dive into:

  • Session 1 – Ego as Identity: Explore the ego's role as our sense of Identity and Individuality. Challenge the mainstream definition of ego by deepening your understanding of how the ego was formed, bringing awareness to your attachment to labels and identities.
    • Identity Audit Exercise
    • Attachment Reflection Exercise

  • Session 2 – Ego as Defence Mechanism: Understand the ego's role as our Defence Mechanism and how our childhood wounds inform our knee-jerk reactions. Deepen your understanding of trauma, triggers and how we can work with our ego to identify your unique healing themes.
    • Meet Your Ego exercise
    • Tracking Triggers practice

  • Session 3 – Ego as Inner Critic: Unpack the ego's role as Inner Critic and harmful self-talk. Find out if your ego is weak, underdeveloped or inflated. Meet the 7 Inner Critic types and learn about their characteristics. Understand the key stages of ego development.
    • Determine your Inner Critic type

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