$333.00 AUD

1–1 Inner Work: How to do Shadow Work

Single Session: 90 minutes
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: $333

From a young age, our family, culture and society tell us what is acceptable and what isn’t, causing us to adopt a dualistic mindset that labels things as good or bad and right or wrong. This socialisation leads to the formation of our Shadow, an aspect of our psyche that holds the parts of ourselves that we judge as unacceptable, shameful or "not allowed". Shadow Work helps us to illuminate all the qualities that we have repressed, invalidated or disowned and reintegrate them with love.

In this 1–1 session, you will deep dive into:

  • The Shadow self and how it is formed
  • The consequences of denying the Shadow
  • Healing as an act of returning to wholeness
  • Psychological Projection
  • Techniques to do Shadow Work with case studies

You will also develop your practice through interactive exercises:

  • Reflective exercise on polarity
  • Reflective exercise on judgment
  • Mirror Technique
  • How to do Shadow Work (step-by-step)

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